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NanChang Kangjie Hospital’s Articles CO., LTD., approved by the Bureau of Food and Medicine Supervision in Jiangxi Province and the Bureau of Industry and Commerce Administration in Jinxian County in 2001, professionally produces all kinds of disposable medical supplies, including the Disposable Aseptic Vagina Dilator , the Disposable Aseptic Operating Instrument Set, the Disposable Aseptic Breathing Bag, the Disposable Aseptic Women-examining Bag, the Disposable Aseptic Cotton Swabs, the Disposable Aseptic Bandage and the Disposable Aseptic Gauze, etc.
The company covers an area of 18,000 square meters , 8,000 square meters for buildings included. The total capital of the company is more than ¥12,000,000 , including ¥1,180,000 for registration and ¥6,600,000 for fixed assets .There are totally more than 300 staffs in the company, including 6 Senior professional staffs , 7 Junior professional staffs and 29 Primary professional staffs.
Under the belief in “first-class products and excellent service”, the company sets up a complete series of managing system, ranging from purchasing raw materials to marketing the products , to ensure the qualities of the products. 
The products of the company have been on sale all over China. The products are popular because of the reliable quality, the reasonable price and the excellent service. The company ever honored as “ the pioneering enterprise for quality managing” and “ the excellent enterprise for executing the Standard”.
The company is always keeping the belief in “ Human basic, quality first” and hopes to cooperate well with you by the first-class quality products and the excellent service.